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EVOL Nightclub Cover Image


About THe Venue

Dive into the underground heartbeat of Cape Town

Evol isn't just a club; it's a grungy sanctuary beneath the city's glitter, a haven for the unapologetically you. Here, vintage beats collide with vibrant rainbow flags, weaving a tapestry of inclusivity where self-expression reigns supreme.


This is your second home, your escape from the ordinary.

Evol, Hope Street


Imagine a gritty brick backdrop adorned with vibrant graffiti, vintage furniture with a touch of industrial chic, and pulsating neon lights casting an otherworldly glow. That's Evol's signature aesthetic - a grungy sanctuary where underground vibes meet artistic expression.

operating times

Evol Nightclub is open most Fridays and Saturdays while also being open on other days depending on what private events are happening that week, keep an eye on their pages to stay up to date!

The vibe


Every night is a journey into the unexpected, guaranteed to keep your feet moving and your heart pounding! Evol's DJs spin a diverse tapestry of underground beats, from pulsing Amapiano and electrifying techno to subversive synth-pop and genre-bending mashups.

Themed Nights:

Dive into fantastical worlds at Evol's immersive-themed nights. Think Alice in Wonderland gone cyberpunk, disco fever meets space odyssey, or anything else your wildest imagination can conjure. 


At Evol, everyone is welcome to be their authentic selves. The LGBTQ+ community finds a safe haven here, embraced with open arms and celebrated for their vibrant diversity. It's a place where self-expression thrives and judgment takes a permanent vacation.

More than just a club:

Evol is a community, a second home for wanderers of the night. They invest in your comfort and safety with discreet security measures and well-trained staff, ensuring everyone feels at ease to let loose and have unforgettable experiences.


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