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Secret Sunsets at Cabo Beach Club!

About THe event

Set sail for "Secret Sunsets," the newest creation from the team behind Secrets of Summer, as we anchor at Cabo, the crown jewel of Cape Town's beach clubs, on Saturday, March 9th.


We're infusing the seaside allure with an extraordinary twist, turning the sandy shores into an electrifying escape.

As the sun kisses the ocean goodbye, Cabo will come alive with two vibrant dance floors, each pulsating with the beats of South Africa's premier musical talents.


This isn't just another evening; it's an odyssey of rhythm and waves, where each note is a splash of color on the canvas of Cape Town's coastal beauty.



2024, 9th of March 

Cabo Beach Club


Embracing the essence of Cape Town's iconic beach parties, we've chosen the vibrant Cabo Beach Club as the venue for this year's "Secret Sunsets," celebrating the end of summer in true Cape Town style.


Nestled on the city's picturesque coastline, Cabo offers the perfect blend of scenic beauty and pulsating energy, making it the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable night where music, ocean breezes, and the camaraderie of the community come together under a sky ablaze with the colors of sunset. 


The Vibe

Secret Sunsets is transforming @cabobeachclubza into the ultimate Summer Party Season Finale, offering an unforgettable experience. Designed for all music lovers, the event will feature a diverse range of genres to ensure every note hits the mark. 

Circle March 9th on your calendars, 3 PM to 2 AM, and dive into a realm where music, beach allure, and top-tier entertainment will be taking place.

Don’t let this exquisitely orchestrated party at Cabo slip away!

For our sun-soaked experience, here's a tailored optional list to ensure you're all set for the ultimate seaside party:

  • Sunscreen: SPF is your best friend under the Cabo sun.

  • Good Vibes: Essential for any party!

  • Beachwear (Optional): Feel free to rock your favorite swimsuits, sarongs, or board shorts to blend in with the Cabo vibe, or feel free to come dressed as you like.

  • Lightweight Jackets for when the evening breeze picks up.

VIP ticketing options

With an exclusive cap of 500 tickets, our VIP Ticket holders are granted privileged access to the outdoor Mezzanine level, offering a panoramic view of the entire beach. This VIP experience includes an exclusive dance floor, private bar, and dedicated restroom facilities for comfort and convenience. VIP guests will also benefit from a separate entrance upon arrival, ensuring a smooth and expedited entry to the event.

Announced artists

  • Culoe De Song

  • Lemon & Herb


  • Dean Fuel

  • Frank Osorio

  • Kyle Cassim

  • Cody Meyer

  • AudioJerk

  • Thompson

  • Mia

Plus many more are to be announced!

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