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10's Sports and Music Festival Event Cover

10's - Sports and Music Festival

About THe event

Get ready for an epic event!


This year, we're bringing you 6 sports and 3 music stages at the Green Point Common Sports Ground on February 3, 2024. Sports enthusiasts, gear up for Netball, Rugby, Dodgeball, Padel, Water Polo, and the much-awaited return of Run The 10s in partnership with Lace up for Cancer.


The Main Stage will feature performances by Fokofpolisiekar, Spoegwolf, Jack Parrow, DJ PH, and Me & Mr Green. Stay tuned for the Zoo Stage lineup! 

Green Point Common Sports Ground

2024, 3rd of Feburary 

Announced artists
Main Stage:
Fokofpolisiekar: often referred to as Fokof, is a South African alternative rock band known for their energetic performances and thought-provoking lyrics. With a rebellious spirit, they've become a cornerstone of the Afrikaans rock scene.

Spoegwolf: is a contemporary Afrikaans alternative band celebrated for their unique sound that blends folk, rock, and indie elements. Their soulful and introspective music has garnered them a dedicated fan base in South Africa.

Jack Parrow: born Zander Tyler, is a renowned South African rapper and songwriter. Known for his witty lyrics and charismatic stage presence, he has made a significant impact on the hip-hop scene in South Africa.

DJ PH: also known as PH, is a highly respected South African DJ and radio personality. With a passion for diverse music genres, he brings infectious energy to the stage and the airwaves, making him a favorite in the entertainment scene.

⁠Me & Mr Green: is a dynamic duo known for their genre-defying music. With a fusion of electronic, indie, and alternative sounds, they create a unique sonic experience that resonates with a diverse audience.

Zoo Stage:
To be announced!

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