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BetaState | Cape Town, 2024-04-19 - Fools Gold - The Royal Rumble, Tag Team

Cape Town - 2024/04/19 - Fools Gold - The Royal Rumble, Tag Team

About THe event

The third edition of the Royal Rumble is here, and this time we're bringing in the tag teams!


The central ring and 360° dance floor will set the stage for twelve of South Africa’s best DJs to battle it out in an unparalleled face-off that promises to be a truly unique experience.


Nine hours, three rounds, one magnificent night! 


The Factory, Paarden Eiland.

2024, 19th of April

the vibe

The Factory Paarden Eiland isn't just a venue, it's a vibe.


Housed in a converted industrial space, The Factory oozes with creative energy. Exposed brick walls, raw concrete floors, and a hint of that "anything-can-happen" air set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Announced artists:

The Lost Boys: The Lost Boys is the psychedelic amalgamation of @shmikesss and @wezlew

The Fogshow: The Fogshow embodies the essence of local Techno, with its dynamic duo comprising the seasoned comrades David Ireton and Nick Shepherd. With a collective journey spanning years, they stand as pillars in the South African Techno scene, gracing the stages of every prominent festival across the nation.

Date Night: The steamy duo alia of Housewife and Faffa Bruwer

Talia Zaken: Talia's electrifying presence ignites dance floors across South Africa, captivating audiences from outdoor festivals to underground clubs alike. Her diverse music repertoire propels her across the expansive landscape of the electronic music scene, exploring every realm with fervor and finesse.

Los Jetsons: With an acute sensitivity to sonic nuances and an insatiable quest for those spine-tingling moments, these lads' passion for the groove is infectious, rendering stillness an impossibility.

Kong: His unparalleled track selections and distinctive style consistently deliver some of the most forward-thinking sets we've experienced thus far.

Purple Gurt

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