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BetaState | Johannesburg, 2024-03-20 Bye Bye Bye Party - Warehouse Festival

Johannesburg - 2024/03/20 - Bye Bye Bye - Warehouse Festival

About THe event

Performances enchant, in the groove they thrive, A symphony of moves, keeping the vibe alive.

Immerse yourself in this groovy wonderland, Where disco beats and pretzels go hand in hand.

Bid adieu to the ordinary humdrum, As the groove takes hold and we all succumb.

So gather your pretzel crew, let's shine, In this disco celebration, so divine.

Dance and groove, let the music take flight, In a colorful spectacle, pure dynamite!

At Bye Bye Bye, where the groove is our guide!


2024, 20th of March 

Announced artists

Bun Xapa: Bringing the heat with his firey blend of South African flavor, Bun Xapa is a South African artist sure to set the stage alight. 

Timo ODV: If electronic soundscapes are your jam, then look no further than Timo ODV. This producer and DJ weaves intricate sonic tapestries that will transport you to another dimension. 

Sons of Dennis: Johannesburg-based tech house and electronic music DJ who made is track release debut in 2023.

Tristan Urwin: With a sound that defies categorization, Tristan Urwin is a genre-bending artist who will leave you wanting more.

Aidin Caye: If soulful vocals and introspective lyrics are what you crave, then Aidin Caye is the artist for you. Let his music wash over you and connect with your inner self. 


Mike Bets


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