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BetaState | Cape Town, 2024-04-13 - Lost Angels Lounge - 2.2.2 Day Party

Cape Town - 2024/04/13 - Lost Angels Lounge - 2.2.2 Day Party

About THe event

Step into our world of opulence and luxury, where every detail is designed to elevate your daytime adventure.


From our striking diamond-cut padding to our chic royal blue, gold, and black decor scheme, every corner of Lost Angels Lounge exudes sophistication and style.


LA Lounge

2024, 13th of April

the vibe

Step into Lost Angels Lounge and discover an atmosphere of elegance and excitement.


Our opulent spaces, chic decor, and strict dress code set the stage for unforgettable experiences. With talented DJs, live performers, and attentive staff, every moment is filled with energy and sophistication.


Whether you're enjoying cocktails at the bar, dancing on the spacious floor, or relaxing on the balcony, Lost Angels Lounge offers a luxurious escape in the heart of Cape Town. Welcome to a world where every detail is perfected for your enjoyment.

Announced artists:

Ron Rowley

Max Hurrell: DJ / Producer 🇿🇦 🇿🇼 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Kurt April: Recognized by his trademark curly hair and four eyes, his music is infused with emotion, overflowing with party vibes, and radiating good energy. 

MIA: Emerged onto the DJ scene at just 18 years old. In a whirlwind year, she's already graced stages at top clubs and festivals across South Africa alongside renowned artists. Known for her eclectic blend of deep, tech, and commercial house, MIA's sets are guaranteed to get you moving. With her own mixes garnering thousands of listens and radio features, she's on the brink of releasing her own music. With unwavering dedication and a profound passion for music, MIA is destined for even greater heights.

Sir Bongz

Dave Carter


DJ Poison

DJ Mac

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