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A World of Entertainment

At your finger tips


BetaState is not just a company

It's a movement that ignites growth and electrifies the festivals, events, and experiences under its management within South Africa, and across the globe. 


you can be part of the experience

Through Team BetaState, you'll be involved in helping us create even more memorable moments by promoting or working for the experiential brands you know and love.


With positions such as social media influencers, promotional activation models, access control, hostessing, transportation, management, and bartending continuously becoming available, we directly plug you into these opportunities to make them easily accessible as a part-time position.

With each project, you'll be elevating the festival experience of the brands you love, making yourself a more indispensable member of our team, and setting yourself up to enter an exciting career in the captivating world of experiential productions, the producers of the world's entertainment.

who we're searching for

We're searching for sociable, fun-loving, and ambitious individuals who love building relationships with others.


If this sounds like you, read on!

BetaState is your ticket to clean, safe and financially beneficial fun, where networking like a pro, and turning your passion into a fulfilling career is the name of the game.


If this sounds too good to be true, you can take a look at our founder Gervais Martin as a case study for what's possible when an opportunity like this is seized.


He specifically created Team BetaState to provide others with the same opportunities he had early in his career, opportunities that were previously inaccessible to the majority of the youth before Team BetaState was introduced.

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