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Johannesburg - 2024/03/23 - For The Groove - Allure

About THe event

Get ready for electric energy, immaculate vibes, and an unforgettable experience at the iconic 011 Rosebank.


Our infectious lineup will set the stage on fire, with tunes that will have you grooving all night long.

Craving a touch of luxury? Elevate your night with our exclusive table packages, offering the perfect blend of VIP service and electrifying ambiance.

The dance floor is calling... Join us for a night of non-stop movement and unparalleled vibes.


At Allure, every moment is a celebration of life, music, and the art of a truly unforgettable night.

011 Rosebank

2024, 23rd of March 

The Vibe

Craving a sophisticated night out with electric energy?

011 Rosebank is your playground.


This trendy spot pulses with an upscale vibe, perfect for those who want to dance the night away to the hottest beats spun by curated DJs and artists.


Immerse yourself in a stylish atmosphere and mingle with a crowd looking to celebrate life in style. While the dance floor beckons, VIP table packages offer bottle service and a touch of exclusivity for those who desire it.

Announced artists

Neil Hunter: Scottish DJ and producer Neil Hunter, who calls South Africa his second home, is a master of the uplifting trance genre. His music is known for its energetic basslines, soaring melodies, and feel-good vibes. He's built a loyal following with hits like "Savanah" and "Empathy," and has remixed tracks for artists like MyKynes. Prepare to be uplifted!

Sharky:  Unleash your inner party animal with Sharky, a local South African DJ known for spinning a high-energy mix of genres that will keep you moving all night long. Expect a dynamic set that will blend the hottest sounds to create an unforgettable dance floor experience.

Essential Groove: If you love the pulsating rhythms of deep house and techno, then Essential Groove is a must-see. This dynamic South African duo (or collective) is known for crafting sets that are both hypnotic and danceable. Prepare to be captivated by their unique sound. 

Son of Dennis: Bringing the heat with a blend of Afrobeat, house, and kwaito, Son of Dennis is sure to set the dance floor on fire. This South African artist's infectious energy and global sound are guaranteed to get you moving.




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