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Join Team BetaState

Where passion meets limitless opportunities

At BetaState, we take great pride in creating a dynamic platform that empowers individuals like you to be an integral part of the buzzing events market across South Africa.


Since our humble beginnings in 2012, we have fostered strong partnerships with renowned brands such as Secrets of Summer, Bazique, Alcazar, Sexy Groovy Love, Retreat Yourself, We Love Summer, Future Frequency Festival, Timeless Festival, Valhalla, Love & Light, Innocence, H2O, The Ostrich, Amapiano Fest, So Happy, and many more!

BetaState is more than just a brand, its a movement

BetaState, founded by Gervais Martin, is a dynamic Brand Management and Digital Marketing Agency where Gervais and the team work tirelessly to liaise with clients, devise effective strategies, and fuel the growth of the brands they're involved with.

BetaState Experiences is the heart and soul of our community-facing brand which connects individuals like you with the vibrant events and festivals market.

Each role within Team BetaState plays a crucial part in the success of our endeavors.



Embrace the opportunity to be the backbone of our operation, acting as the gateway between potential attendees, the experiential brands we work with, and potential BetaState exclusive perks.


As a Go-Getter, you'll be involved in promoting and if you choose, selling tickets, to the experiential projects we collaborate on, and in return, you'll earn free tickets, cash, and have access to other exciting and exclusive benefits.


Your networking skills and ability to spot opportunities will make you an essential member of our team, extending the magic of our brand and our client's events to the public and your friends.


Picture yourself as the energetic and magnetic force behind promotional activations.


As a Deity, you'll be a promotional model or staff member for varying shift opportunities where you'll be engaging with the public and potential customers.


Your approachable demeanor, charm, and meaningful interactions will create unforgettable experiences for event attendees and clients alike.



Be the backbone of any event or project as an Operator.


Your exceptional "get-it-done" skill sets ensure that our client's projects come to life without a hitch. From marshals to door staff, bar staff to stage staff, and everything in between, your reliability and problem-solving prowess are the fundamental pillars of a seamless execution.

at team betastate

We value hard work, dedication, and the thrill of creating memorable moments.


Your journey with us will be filled with exciting opportunities, rewarding experiences, and the chance to be part of a vibrant community.

So, whether you're a Go-Getter spreading good vibes, a Deity adding glamour to events, or an Operator ensuring safety and smooth operations, BetaState is your gateway to a fulfilling experience in the events and festivals world.

Join our team, and together, let's create extraordinary memories!

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