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A World of Entertainment

At your finger tips

Welcome aboard the BetaState Experience, where the magic of collaboration and celebration intertwine to create unforgettable moments!

BetaState is not just a company;

it is a movement that ignites growth and electrifies the events market through the power of affiliate and digital marketing.

Step into a world of boundless opportunities, where you are the master of your destiny and the architect of your success.

As part of our vibrant affiliate community,

you become the driving force behind the promotion of your favorite festivals and events, the heartbeat of their doors and bars, and the radiant presence behind captivating in-person activations where you get to spread the message of their brand to future fans.

At BetaState, we celebrate individuality and embrace the unique spirit that sets you apart. We offer you the canvas to express yourself, to be unapologetically you, and to shine as a valuable BetaState Ambassador in the events market.

Dive into a sea of rewards,

including free tickets, cash benefits, bar tabs, and exclusive discounts. As a valued BetaState team member, you will connect with like-minded enthusiasts, creating an unbreakable bond within our thriving community.

With each project, you'll not only elevate the festival experience and become an indispensable member of our festival family but merge yourself and if you choose, your career, into the captivating world of experiential productions, the producers of the world's entertainment.

We are not just looking for brand ambassadors;

we are searching for sociable, music-loving, and ambitious individuals who revel in building relationships.


BetaState is your ticket to clean, safe fun, networking like a pro, and turning your passion into a fulfilling career, and if this sounds too good to be true, you can take a look at our founder, Gervais Martin, as a case study for what's possible when an opportunity like this is seized.

As you take your first step into Team BetaState, we assure you that the journey will be filled with excitement, growth, and an abundance of unforgettable memories.


Embrace the BetaState way,

join the hottest marketing agency in events and festivals, and let's lead the industry together.

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