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BetaState | Cape Town, 2024-04-04 - District Nightclub - Winter Fest First Thursdays

Cape Town - 2024/04/04 -District - Winter Fest

About THe event



With the close of the summer sun, new vibes emerge with the sounds & indoor heat of the first Thursday Indoor Winter Fest.


Join Us for the launch of the winter season Indoor season with Winter fest!


District Nightclub

2024, 4th of April

the vibe

A bygone era reborn: Ascend the elegant staircase and be transported to a bygone era. Gilded mirrors reflect the twinkling of opulent chandeliers, while Victorian cornices whisper tales of Cape Town's rich past. Draped velvet curtains add a touch of drama, and black-and-white photographs peek into the city's vibrant history.

Modern decadence with a wink: Harringtons isn't trapped in the past. The striking L-shaped bar boasts exposed brick and rows of gleaming spirits, a testament to the venue's dedication to craft cocktails. Plush booths invite lingering conversations and laughter, while the dedicated smoking lounge offers a discreet haven for cigar aficionados.

Announced artists

Kyle Cassim: Kyle Cassim embarked on his DJ career at 13, quickly gaining traction in Pretoria's scene and catching the attention of established DJs like Mark Stent, leading to performances at prestigious events like the H2O Festival. Transitioning from law studies in 2012, he pursued music, refining his eclectic style influenced by his childhood connection to house music. By 2014, he graced stages at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL South Africa and embarked on European tours. His pinnacle came in 2016 with his own show on 5FM, "The Kyle Cassim Show," and the inception of "Cassim's Kitchen," blending music and cooking. Rooted in family values and inspired by his father's DJ legacy, Kyle's success is defined not by material wealth but by achieving personal goals and spreading joy through music, embodying an unwavering dedication to his craft and community.

Dean Fuel: Dean FUEL stands as one of the most accomplished DJs in his hemisphere, skillfully blending diverse electronic genres to create an irresistible dance-floor experience. He effortlessly holds his ground among the world's most respected and influential DJs.

Xavier Dragner: Xavier Dragner's passion for musical expression shines through his dual roles as a DJ and music producer, earning him a devoted following among young music aficionados. With a distinct fusion of Progressive House and Low Tech, Xavier crafts performances that captivate audiences. Renowned for his meticulously curated events, such as Wanderbay NYE and Plett Rage, as well as his appearances on various radio platforms, Xavier consistently delivers unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact.


Keilamanjaro: Hailing from Southern Africa, raised in Scotland, and now based in London, KILIMANJARO infuses his background of Afro-centric rhythms with the dynamic energy of the Western electronic scene. As a resident DJ at renowned venues like The FLY, La Cheetah Club, and Pleasurehood, he brings a unique blend of Afro, Amapiano, House, and global party vibes to every performance, igniting dance floors with his high-energy sets. With a reputation for starting unforgettable parties, KILIMANJARO has garnered a loyal following and expanded his reach across the UK and Europe, sharing stages with acclaimed artists like Fred Again, Optimo, and Melé. His recent ventures into production showcase his rhythmic energy and distinctive vocal style, with upcoming releases slated for this year. Additionally, KILIMANJARO has launched his own brand, KILIMANJARO MUSIC, dedicated to championing marginalized DJs and producers through club nights, radio residencies, and future label endeavors. With an exciting lineup of releases and performances scheduled for 2022, KILIMANJARO continues to be a rising force in the electronic music scene.


Luke Fourie


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