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Cape Town - 2024/05/02 -Harringtons - Wanna Funk

About THe event

WannaFunk First Thursday - Thursday 4th of April


Harringtons Cocktail Lounge, Harringtons Street

2024, 2nd of May

the vibe

A bygone era reborn: Ascend the elegant staircase and be transported to a bygone era. Gilded mirrors reflect the twinkling of opulent chandeliers, while Victorian cornices whisper tales of Cape Town's rich past. Draped velvet curtains add a touch of drama, and black-and-white photographs peek into the city's vibrant history.

Modern decadence with a wink: Harringtons isn't trapped in the past. The striking L-shaped bar boasts exposed brick and rows of gleaming spirits, a testament to the venue's dedication to craft cocktails. Plush booths invite lingering conversations and laughter, while the dedicated smoking lounge offers a discreet haven for cigar aficionados.

Announced artists

Nomadic Orchestra

Dirty Disco Records


Disco Decade

Disco Dez

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