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Sexy Groovy Love - The Manor of Magic 2024

About THe event

The Manor of Magic, our 10th Birthday celebration is set in the picturesque Cascade Country Manor, surrounded by sprawling lawns, a glistening pool, and a magnificent waterfall forming the backdrop of our dazzling second stage.


Birthday magic is in the air, and we want to share it with you, our fellow Sexy Groovy Lovers Lovers!


Cascade County Manor

Cascade Country Manor is delicately perched among lawns, a pool, and a waterfall, situated on 23 picturesque hectares. This idyllic retreat just outside Paarl has become a Sexy Groovy Love staple over the years.


2024, 10th Feburary


 Coyote, Disc-Lexa, Dwson, Fabian Kroos, friends of friends soundsystem, housewife, kdollahz, phunkadelica, si'noir, sona, the disco pirates, the lost boys

Disco pirates takeover

After last year's unforgettable day at the waterfall, the Disco Pirates takeover is back!


Immerse yourself in delightful disco-diva energy, grooving in an effervescent disco daze. The day concludes with a set from the Disco Pirates themselves! 

Parking and shuttles

Park at Buffet Olives, a neighboring farm, and our Sexy Groovy Love shuttles will transport you smoothly to Cascade Country Manor. Shuttles run throughout the event for a hassle-free experience.

Doors close at 7 pm.

Get ready for an enchanting night of music, magic, and birthday celebrations at The Manor of Magic! 🎶✨

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