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Anjunadeep Open Air South Africa, Cape Town

Cape Town - 2024/03/30 - Anjunadeep South Africa - Open Air Festival

About THe event

Anjunadeep Open Air Cape Town: Get ready for a deep dive into melodic house music!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 30th, 2024, because Cape Town is about to be swept away by the soulful sounds of Anjunadeep Open Air.


This debut South African event promises an unforgettable experience for fans of melodic house and techno, combining the iconic Anjunadeep label's signature sound with the vibrant energy of the Mother City.

The Ostrich

2024, 30th of March 


The Vibe

Expect an atmosphere of pure bliss. Anjunadeep events are known for their friendly and inclusive vibes, where everyone can let loose and enjoy the music. Think stunning visuals, top-notch production, and a crowd united by their love for deep house music.

Announced artists

Ben Bohmer: is a German DJ and producer acclaimed for his emotive and atmospheric approach to electronic music. His melodic and immersive soundscapes have gained him recognition globally.

Buhle: is a rising talent in the South African music scene, known for his dynamic sets that blend deep grooves and soulful vibes. He brings a fresh perspective to the world of house music.

Cornelius SA: is a prominent figure in the South African house scene, celebrated for his unique fusion of deep grooves and soulful melodies. His music reflects a rich blend of influences, making him a standout artist.

Da Capo: is a renowned South African DJ and producer with a distinctive style rooted in afro-house and deep house. His energetic sets and soulful productions have made him a favorite in the industry.

FKA MASH: s a versatile South African artist known for his eclectic sound that spans across various electronic genres. His innovative approach to music has garnered him attention both locally and internationally.

James Grant: is a British DJ and producer, co-founder of the Anjunadeep label. His deep and emotive sets have contributed to the success of Anjunadeep, making him a key figure in the melodic house scene.

Jody Wisternhoff: is a Bristol-based DJ and producer, also co-founder of Anjunadeep. Known for his rich, melodic sound, he has been a driving force in shaping the label's distinctive style.

Keryendersoul: is a South African DJ and producer recognized for his contributions to the afro-house genre. His music blends traditional African elements with modern electronic beats, creating a unique sonic experience.

Nicky Elisabeth: is a DJ and producer known for her vibrant and energetic sets. With a focus on deep and melodic house, she brings a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene.

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