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Cape Town - 2024/05/11 -Lectric Licks - Dusty Dream

About THe event

Camp Stoep Stories is having a fundraiser and we will love and appreciate all your support!


Come and decompress after a week of love laughter and dancing in the dust. Say goodbye and have a last dance with your new friends from across the globe before they return home.


We have a selection of great dj duos and live acts to take you back to the dust one last time before we all return to the default world.


District Nightclub

2024, 11th of May

the vibe

District Nightclub caters to a discerning clientele seeking a sophisticated nightlife experience in Cape Town.


The venue boasts a stylish interior with high-end finishes and a well-stocked bar featuring craft cocktails to suite.


District attracts a diverse crowd of locals and international visitors, fostering a vibrant and social scene.

Announced artists

Faf & Foos

Jordan Arts

Lectric Licks

Mark Valsecchi


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