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BetaState | Cape Town, 2024-04-27 - Love Music - Monolink LIVE at The Ostrich

Cape Town - 2024/04/27 - Love Music - Monolink LIVE at The Ostrich

About THe event

Cape Town!

We are thrilled to announce the return of Monolink LIVE this April!

This event is brought to you by Anything Goes, JetBlack, Love Music & Music People.

Presented by: Miller Genuine Draft & Ocho Tequila


The Ostrich

2024, 27th of April

the vibe

This open-air haven transcends the ordinary.


Picture a sophisticated ambience, perfect for exclusive gatherings and special soirées. Whether you're envisioning a dream wedding reception, a high-powered product launch, or an unforgettable celebration, The Ostrich promises an experience unlike any other.

Announced artists:

Monolink: Monolink seamlessly combines the worlds of singer-songwriting and electronic music production. His unique style blends narrative song structures with pulsating electronic rhythms, where guitar chords meld with synthetic pads, hypnotic basslines intertwine with emotive vocals, and physicality meets mental stimulation in a captivating sonic journey.

Bantwanas: Bantwanas, a collective of African producers, songwriters, and musicians, emerged in early 2016 to elevate African house music onto the global stage. Led by charter member Ryan Murgatroyd, they've pioneered African sounds in European markets, establishing a vibrant presence in the international Deep House and Techno scene. With Blanka Mazimela, a protégé of Ryan, adding his expertise in African music, Bantwanas curates raw talent locally and internationally. They foster emerging artists, pairing them with established producers to shape the African electronic sound. Bantwanas serves as a conduit for sharing African culture worldwide, inviting audiences to connect with its rich musical heritage through authentic instrumentation.

Contact High: Performing a blend of psychedelic mutant rhumba and time-stretched melodies infused with pseudo-jubilance.

Coyote: Meet Coyote, the dynamic Cape Town duo blending bass-heavy techno with progressive, psychedelic melodies. Formed in 2021, they craft energetic, indie-dance tunes that captivate crowds. With a deep friendship and a passion for inspiring female talent, Coyote celebrates the weird and wonderful in their performances.

The Fogshow: The Fogshow embodies the essence of local Techno, with its dynamic duo comprising the seasoned comrades David Ireton and Nick Shepherd. With a collective journey spanning years, they stand as pillars in the South African Techno scene, gracing the stages of every prominent festival across the nation.

Karoo: An eclectic sonic warrior, rooted in the dusty beats of multiple genres.


Siphe Tebeka: Siphe, hailing from Gugulethu, began his musical journey teaching at Bridges for Music in Langa. He's since transitioned to creating his own music, performing at renowned festivals like Tomorrowland and Awakenings, and releasing tracks with Berlin-based label Be An Ape.

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