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Valhalla at the Castle of Good Hope



About THe event

After the great success of the last event, we have decided to create the magic all again and go even bigger with effects and decor!!

For e.g, there will be more dancers, CO2 cannons, and beautiful characters representing Yalla Valhalla. We will even bring in fire pyrotechnics to add that wow effect and are building a 3D Viking helmut with frikken lasers out the eyes!!!

The most important message of Yalla Valhalla is acceptance, radical self-inclusion, good energy, and a place to free your mind and body.
The music is essential, and every lineup is cleverly crafted to give an experience of an electronic musical journey while sticking to a style that defines the musical expertise of Yalla Valhalla parties.

Expect a journey through House, Disco, Indie Dance, and leading to Melodic Techno.

==== LINE UP====

Dirty Doering (De)
Ben Tov B2B Limi
Nick Grater (JHB)
Nici Nice (De)
El Gordo
Purple Floyd

Jean Mauj - (De)
Julia Felix
Athie Umgido
Just Us
Nadia Raya (NL)
Dr Fungi

The event will be held in the Rear Courtyard of the Castle.

We have Tommy Sumo again delivering amazing pizzas and vegan options with another food option.

Come early and soak up the magic.


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