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BetaState | Cape Town, 2024-04-26 - Rumour Festival Ft Sparrow & Barbossa at Cafe Caprice

Cape Town - 2024/04/26 - Rumour Festival - Sparrow & Barbossa at Cafe Caprice

About THe event

Cape Town debut! 🇿🇦


Sparrow & Barbossa, creators of #1 hits CHAMPION & DIKEBO, headline at Cafe Caprice on April 26th! 🎶


Experience an exclusive intimate gathering with Max Hurrell, Jamie Slabber, Gheko, Keilamanjaro, and Too.Tone.


Cafe Caprice

2024, 26th of April

Announced artists:

Sparrow & Barbossa: a Swiss-Uruguayan DJ duo, fuse Afro-House with global influences, crafting infectious rhythms. Their music blends modern melodies with traditional Uruguayan drumming, exploring 'lost cultures.' Acclaimed for remixes like 'Yeke' and debut album 'Seven Seas,' they offer energetic beats with cultural depth.

Max Hurrell: DJ / Producer 🇿🇦 🇿🇼 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Jamie Slabber

Gheko: Formerly known as "Dylan Munro", is driven by a passion for the creative intricacies of the human mind, he delves into an ethereal world of percussive and tribal sounds. With an innate connection to the rhythm, he captivates listeners drawn to the fusion of afro house, melodic techno, and electronica. Emerging as one of South Africa's brightest talents, he's swiftly ascending as one of the nation's most sought-after acts.

Keilamanjaro: Hailing from Southern Africa, raised in Scotland, and now based in London, KILIMANJARO infuses his background of Afro-centric rhythms with the dynamic energy of the Western electronic scene. As a resident DJ at renowned venues like The FLY, La Cheetah Club, and Pleasurehood, he brings a unique blend of Afro, Amapiano, House, and global party vibes to every performance, igniting dance floors with his high-energy sets. With a reputation for starting unforgettable parties, KILIMANJARO has garnered a loyal following and expanded his reach across the UK and Europe, sharing stages with acclaimed artists like Fred Again, Optimo, and Melé. His recent ventures into production showcase his rhythmic energy and distinctive vocal style, with upcoming releases slated for this year. Additionally, KILIMANJARO has launched his own brand, KILIMANJARO MUSIC, dedicated to championing marginalized DJs and producers through club nights, radio residencies, and future label endeavors. With an exciting lineup of releases and performances scheduled for 2022, KILIMANJARO continues to be a rising force in the electronic music scene.



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