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Johannesburg - 2024/06/01 -TeknoTribe and All The Best - Nomadic Ft Alex Stein at And Club

About THe event

Experience the Ultimate Techno and Indie Dance Extravaganza at AND Night Club and CARFAX, brought to you by TeknoTribe and All the Best!


Immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening of pulsating rhythms and vibrant creativity on the 1st of June, 2024.


Join us for a night that promises to blend the nomadic spirit with the electrifying energy of international techno and indie dance beats.


And Nightclub

2024, 1st of June

the vibe

Dive into Johannesburg's vibrant nightlife at CARFAX and AND Club, where the energy is electric and the beats are relentless. Located in the bustling Newtown district, these iconic venues offer an unparalleled atmosphere that draws music lovers from all corners of the city.

At the heart of these clubs is the state-of-the-art Void Acoustic sound system, delivering deep, powerful bass and crystal-clear acoustics that make every beat resonate. The DJs, both local and international, curate sets that take the crowd on unforgettable journeys, from hard-hitting techno to smooth house.

The crowd is a diverse mix of music lovers, united by their passion for the beat. Whether you’re a hardcore techno fan or a casual club-goer, you’ll find a sense of community and unity on the dance floor.

In essence, a night at CARFAX and AND Club is about losing yourself in the music, connecting with a like-minded community, and experiencing the dynamic pulse of Johannesburg’s nightlife.


The energy is high, the music is world-class, and the memories you make will be unforgettable.

Announced artists

Alex Stein:
Alex Stein, a Berlin-based techno artist with Brazilian roots, is renowned for his unique and soulful hard-hitting techno sounds. With releases on Terminal M and Filth On Acid and remixes for Dusty Kid and ASY*S, his tracks are celebrated for their intoxicating and mesmeric qualities. Known for his exceptional crowd-reading skills, Stein's globe-trotting performances have earned him a loyal international fanbase, with memorable sets at festivals like Luft in Melbourne, Street Parade in Zurich, and Drumcode showcases. His relentless energy and innovative approach continue to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Nick Grater:
Nick Grater has been a powerhouse in South Africa's techno scene for over two decades, beginning with his residency at Atomic in Johannesburg and propelling the genre forward through his Teknotribe events since 2003. Known for his intelligent, energetic, and hard-driving style, he is recognized as one of South Africa's top techno DJs and a global ambassador for the genre. Grater has released tracks on esteemed labels like Stick Recordings, Techburst, and Hydraulix, and his remix of Springbok Nude Girls' "Illuminate" garnered international acclaim. With performances alongside techno legends such as Sam Paganini and Joseph Capriati, Grater's passion and skill have secured his reputation both locally and internationally, making him a true pioneer of the underground electronic dance movement.

Tank Girl: 
Tank Girl is a prominent figure in South Africa's underground electronic music scene, known for her electrifying techno sets and unmatched energy. As part of Johannesburg's Teknotribe SA collective, she drives the local techno movement with pounding basslines, intricate melodies, and seamless mixing. Her performances at underground events and festivals have earned her a dedicated following and she has shared stages with top industry names. Beyond the decks, she supports emerging artists and the growth of the techno community. With unwavering dedication, Tank Girl continues to push boundaries and shape South Africa's techno landscape.

From an early age, South African DJ/producer duo Atrium established themselves in the techno scene, showcasing their sound and passion through various platforms and events. Their semi-live acts bring a dark yet uplifting energy to the dance floor, consistently offering original and surprising performances that captivate audiences.

Bennefaktor, emerging from Johannesburg's underground culture, creates a distinctive sound by blending unique rhythms, harmonic structures, and progressive melodies. Their evolving live sets unify digital, analog, and human voice elements, offering a dynamic and innovative musical experience.


Rift vs Takara

Kal Bella

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