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BetaState | Cape Town, 2024-06-06 - District Nightclub - Winter Fest First Thursdays Ft Kyle Cassim

Cape Town - 2024/06/06 -District - Winter Fest First Thursday, June Edition

About THe event


XL June Edition


Winter Season is in full swing friends and the time to embrace the chill in the air has arrived!


As we transition from our sizzling summer series, it's time to turn up the heat with our First Thursday Winter Fest by dancing the night away to keep the chill at bay, surrounded by twinkling lights and the crisp winter air.


Our winter wonderland awaits, join us for an unforgettable evening of warmth, joy, and celebration!



District Nightclub

2024, 6th of June

the vibe

District Nightclub caters to a discerning clientele seeking a sophisticated nightlife experience in Cape Town.


The venue boasts a stylish interior with high-end finishes and a well-stocked bar featuring craft cocktails to suite.


Renowned DJs curate the soundtrack, focusing on house and techno genres to create an energetic atmosphere on the spacious dance floor. Plush booths offer a comfortable respite for socializing.


District attracts a diverse crowd of locals and international visitors, fostering a vibrant and social scene.

Announced artists

Kyle Cassim: Kyle Cassim began DJing at 13, quickly rising through local residencies to perform at major events like ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL South Africa. In 2012, he left university to pursue music full-time, honing his house sound under the guidance of mentor Vimo. His dynamic sets, known for funky basslines and roaring synths, have captivated audiences globally, including during two European tours. In 2016, Kyle achieved his dream of hosting a show on 5FM, where "The Kyle Cassim Show" became a sensation. He now hosts multiple shows, including the unique DJ/cooking show "Cassim’s Kitchen." Inspired by his DJ father, Kyle also performs with his brother under the alias "CINIMIN." Known for his infectious energy, Kyle continues to innovate and inspire in the dance music scene.

Roxy Louw: Hailing from Cape Town, Roxy Louw is a dynamic force in music, sports, and media. Since launching her DJ career in 2010, she's electrified audiences at premier events for brands like Olmeca and Jagermeister. Renowned for her open-format style, Roxy seamlessly fuses afro house and techno, creating unforgettable sonic journeys. Beyond the decks, she's a passionate advocate for environmental and social causes, dedicated to making a meaningful impact. With her exceptional talent and unwavering passion, Roxy Louw is quickly rising as a star in the electronic music scene, uniting people through her music and driving positive change.

ALX: Elevating atmospheres with his signature cheeky beats, ALX. masterfully blends minimal and deep house to create captivating sonic landscapes. His sets transport listeners to euphoric realms, where pulsating rhythms and subtle melodies intertwine effortlessly. With a discerning ear for groove, ALX. crafts transcendent experiences on the dance floor, enchanting audiences worldwide and leaving them craving more.

Locked Illusions


Bogey Boys

Jamie Slabber


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